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I've been photographing families for more than five years, And it's been a wild ride so far. I started with just families and portraits, then added weddings. Next I hired two amazing women to join my team and help serve more clients. After that I started taking photos of products for business and branding sessions for business owners. But then after some major life changes I've simplified my business and taken things back to the roots. The thing I love photographing the most - families.

Family photographs mean the world to me. I love being able to look back and see how my own family has grown and changed over the years - including myself. There's just something special about seeing yourself through the eyes of a professional photographer who specializes in capturing real smiles and moments between you and your loved ones. Especially when us moms are typically the ones taking cell phone photos of our kids and spouse, and the occasional selfie. My goal during your session is to help you see just how beautiful each soul in your family is.

jessica stratford

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